• Ergonomically designed handgrips for comfortable handling.
  • Nested freely when empty and stacked steadily when full and close.
  • Textured and flat base against slipping to increase the friction for strong stability when stacking.
  • The customer’s logo can be applied onto the container by screen printing, hot stamping and tampo printing.
  • Reinforced ribs on sidewalls for increasing the load capacity and reducing the possibility of sidewalls deformity.
  • Heavily reinforced hinge to fix the lids and container for superior safety and stability.
Plastic moving crates application

Production process

Moving bins

These moving boxes, can be stacked without fear of falling because of the lid edge stabilizer. Saves you space, eco-friendly and suitable for any conditions.
Features & Benefites of the moving crates
  • Stackable, Nestable and Lidded Containers.
  • Anti-theft hole, Multiple Colors and Sizes, Anti-slip reinforced design
  • 100% New PP Material.